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Goodbye 2016…. Hello 2017

December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016…. Hello 2017!!

Goodbye to a year of ups, a few downs, chock full of new experiences with new people in new places. Each of us are given, dealt if you will, a unique hand to live in this life. We are hopeful this hand is full of happiness, full of laughter, and full of love. We want to be a part of something great, to belong, and at all times be right where we are supposed to be. If this past year has taught me anything, on this drive we call life….somebody else is behind the wheel. More than once this past year I found myself traveling down roads not on “my” GPS. Rarely did things go as planned and many times those things I reached for, well…they were simply out of reach. Through it all, through every twist and turn, there’s been moments of joy, happiness, sorrow, and love.

The people and places, too many to detail. Meeting Mr. Larry, Tim, Ms. Connie, Mr. Ken, Mr. Edwin, Carson, Mr. Jeff and Ms. Michelle. And who could forget the ladies from Sigma Gamma Phi Sorority at SUNY in Potsdam, NY. Meeting KD, traveling across the United States, Victoria’s passing, having one of the hardest years health wise, spending 5 days hunting and hanging out with Jackie Bushman, meeting the Busbice and Landry Families, and to signing a contract with a modeling agency…oh yea, and the prospect of college :-o! What a crazy year overflowing with wonderful experiences and memories for a lifetime.

I’m thankful for every road I traveled this past year. A few of them were truly fast lanes, others were pretty slow. Some of the highways were straight, while others were windy. The weather was sometimes cloudy with rain, other days it was bright and sunny. There were some roads covered with ice, treacherous they were. Oh, but then…there were the Sunday drives! Laid back, calm and collected, peaceful and without hurry. Those being the best. Reflecting back now, something has occurred to me, a discovery of sorts. Along every road, the scenery was beautiful. The circumstance of travel was different yes, but the scenery along the way beautiful. It was as if every road was uniquely and specifically prescribed, all uniquely woven together by the common thread of beauty. That beauty found in our Creator, our God. In this discovery I can’t help but find myself thanking the Lord for this map of life. Thanking him for the beauty of the drive. Thanking him for the journey that lies ahead.

May the difficult times make us stronger. May we experience growth as individuals. May we continue to experience things we never thought possible. May we make the most of the roads we travel, see the beauty of the whole journey, and trust in the destination HE has made possible.

Hello 2017….can’t wait to see what’s around the bend!

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Laurie Cooper January 7, 2017 at 7:52 pm

Beautifully written. With that attitude and insight you will surely have a blessed path ahead of you at all times!


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