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May 11, 2017

When you have cystic fibrosis, the people in your life are beyond important. Whether it comes from your parents, friends, doctors, or nurses. The love and support they provide becomes a pillar of strength and encouragement during the hard times. There is a remarkable and unique beauty in the love they provide experienced through their selfless acts. They aren’t there because someone else is watching. They are motivated by compassion and driven to act on behalf of others. These are the people God has placed by my side in the fight against CF. We celebrate the victories and stand together through the defeats. They push me to stay positive. They push me to smile through the rough times and laugh during the good. They’re the people who know that sometimes I don’t need them to understand, but to simply be there.

Cami and Crystal have been there for me for almost 11 years now. It takes a special person doing extraordinary things to cause a little kid to look forward to her two week hospital stay. Between the water syringe fights, playing baseball in the hallway by the elevators, and wheelchair races…you made the hospital stays enjoyable and made me feel like I wasn’t a patient. Every day is brighter when you are around. No words are sufficient to describe the love I have for you both.

Arthur… or should I say Slick šŸ˜‰ I am no longer small enough to hide underneath the nurses station and scare you breathless. I guess becoming an adult has its ups and downs! You’ve taken care of me longer than I can even remember. And although I drove you nuts with countless pranks over all the years, you have always had my back. Even on the darkest days you could walk in my room, say “whats up lil mama” and make my heart smile. Between the Texans games on Sundays, our little country concert sessions, to me dressing in a T-Rex costume and almost giving you a heart attack… (which is still one of my favorite memories to this day)….thank you for doing you!!

Josh…Hurricane Katrina blew you right in to my life. You’ve been taking care of me for about, what….6 years now? It feels like you’ve been taking care of me from the beginning. We all need a little cajun in our lives every now and then šŸ˜‰ And I’m happy I have somebody to share a love for LSU like I do! I’m so thankful that you and your family are a part of my life.

Ashley…You are one of the goofiest, unfiltered, loyal, and caring people I know. I didn’t expect us to grow as close as we have but I’m so glad we did! You’ve basically become my big sister. I can’t wait for that little girl to be born because “Aunt Brookie” has big plans in store for her!!.

There’s so many other people that I could just go on and on about. Can’t leave out my favorite night RT, Debra. You’ve been here since day one, thank you for always making me laugh. William, you have the gift for crocheting blankets, but an even bigger gift encouraging me to “BLOW, BLOW, BLOW, BLOW”. Charles aka “Hippo Thumper”, I don’t think that stuffed hippo ever caught a break. To all the other heroes who share my fight…Dr. Oermann, Dr. Hiatt, Dr. Moonnumakul, Marriama, Abby, Lana, Liz, Beth, Katie, Sandy, Rachel, Tosha, Peggy, and many more, thank you for taking such good care of me.

Throughout all the years, each and every one of you through your dedication and love inspire me to press on in the fight to beat this disease. When you walk in my room I don’t see you as a nurse, a PCA, a doctor, or an RT… I see all of you as family.

I love each of you dearly!!

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